PROF-CON performs with great professionalism the most beautiful gates and fences, with a unique design that completely changes the aspect of a property. All the work is done by a well-trained team with rich experience both in the execution and in the assemblage of gates and fences.

Investing in high-performance technology, staff training and fairness support the delivery of impeccable products to our customers every month. We are proud of our teamwork that has brought us exceptional results both in the country and all across Europe.

Production of gates and metal fences

Products can be fabricated in both standard sizes and custom sizes, depending on customer needs.
PROF-CON produces the following product categories: wrought iron gates, wrought iron fences, modern gates, modern fences, high-tech gates.

Wrought iron gates PF 006

Wrought iron gates PF 005

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The sales team

Our sales representatives are known for their enthusiasm and ambition to be with you until you choose the right model. Buying from PROF-CON you will find us not just a leading supplier in the field of metallic confections, but also a partner that you can always rely on.

Technical pre-/post-sales support

Thanks to our experience in this field, our team offers a fast and efficient telephone support service including technical support, irrespective of the situation.
Our Telephone Technical Support Service is active from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 19:00 at the telephone number: 0498 68 79 56.

High-tech gate and fence PM 011

Car gate PM 015